before being joined, jadzia was consistently and only the trill gender they were assigned at birth. as jadzia dax, they experience something common with joined trills, best described in human terms as being both polygender and genderfluid. they are all of the past hosts’ genders at once, though usually at the forefront is the one gender jadzia felt before being joined. 

they do not experience any kind of gender dysphoria.

when remembering things from their past lives, doing/experiencing certain things, or interacting with certain people they will start to feel some genders stronger than others. 

their friends, especially sisko, can sometimes tell when they are feeling one/some of their genders more than the others

in the trill language they use pronouns that refer to joined trill with this gender experience and in 24th century standard english the pronouns translate to they/them/their. 

in trill culture dax’s gender presentation is pretty ambiguous though in human culture they are commonly perceived as feminine. 



Dukat’s face when he hears that the central command want to execute him.

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